From the Workshop

I thought that some people may be interested to hear about the attention I pay to producing the finest leaders I can.

I use the best coated polyester thread (Gutermanns) to provide me with the most consistent thread thickness and strength. Using thread has its own problems, but through a continued effort to produce the best leaders I have found, through rigorous testing, that the thread Gutermann produce gives a finished product that I am proud to produce.Workshop - Furling Bench

Each leader is made on a custom made jig and tooling system developed exclusively so that I can produce a whole range of leaders easily and consistently. During the process of creating a leader the thread is kept under a constant tension and incorporates a system that ensures that as the thread is twisted and furled the thread can "move" so that it settles into the best possible twist. This system has allowed me to produce leaders in excess of twenty feet with a consistency of taper and eveness.

Presentation when fly fishing is probably one of the biggest factors to affect our catch rate and I take this ethos into my Workshop  - Part furled leaderworkshop. Every leader I produce is carefully checked and packaged to ensure that each leader leaves my workshop and arrives with you 'ready to go' and will perform again and again seamlessly.

I hope you enjoy using your leaders as much as I do in producing them.