Welcome to DL Furled Leaders

No matter whether you are fishing for Grayling, Trout, Salmon or Sea Trout in a river. Lake or Reservoir fishing for Rainbow Trout then presentation is always a major factor.  Furled leaders give a smooth transfer of energy from your fly line through to your tippet material. This is one of the major advantages of using furled leaders and will help to give that presentation.

To do this furled leaders need to be made to carefully designed tapers. During the manufacture of my furled leaders close attention is paid to all aspects of the furling process to ensure each furled leader is made to the highest standard possible.

Furled leaders can be constructed from any fine material from thread, nylon monofilament, fluorocarbon. Each of these materials gives the furled leader a unique feel and strength. A nice fine delicate taper for fishing a dry fly to that wily trout, to a furled leader made of monofilament with a slightly steeper taper for pike fishing.

My Nylon furled leaders have been used for saltwater fly fishing  (proving successful for Blue Fin Trevally in Mauritius).

Should you wish to have your furled leader made to a unique taper or from a special material then this can be catered for. Please email us with your ideas (which will be dealt with in the strictest confidence) and we can start the design process for you.

Our furled leaders have little line ‘memory’ and no knots to snag. 

DL Furled Leaders – for the best in presentation