DL Furled Leaders - Fishing the Rheidol

Why a Furled Leader?

Furled leaders have the following benefitsindicator

• long lasting
• strong
• very little memory
• easy to attach
• choice of materials
• improved presentation

If you are looking for the best presentation when either dry fly or nymph fishing then a furled leader may be just what you need. A furled leader provides a smooth transition of line speed from fly line to tippet.

This smooth transition means that your tippet will turn over smoother allowing a more delicate presentation. More delicate presentation means more chance of fooling that wily trout.

Furled leaders are incredibly supple and retain no memory. Scrunch a leader up then pull it out straight and there will be no kinks etc. Just what you need for a seamless presentation.

Although made of fly tying thread the leaders are strong for their size and have a small amount of elasticity allowing the use of finer tippets.